Battery Motorbike 6N6-3B-1 Honda CB 125 / SL 125 / XL 250

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Battery Motorbike 6N6-3B-1 for Honda CB 125 / SL 125 / XL 250

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Battery Motorbike 6N6-3B-1 for Honda CB 125 / SL 125 / XL 250

Battery 6N6-3B-1 Honda CB 125 / SL 125 maintenance-free -include acid-package

SIze: 98x56x116 mm

very high quality with better results by starting the engine and for longe livetime!-reduce self-discharging of battery to the lowest level and longer life span

JM manufacturer number 6N6-3B-1
Varta manufacturer number 00612
GS manufacturer number 6N6-3B-1
FB manufacturer number 6N6-3B-1
Fiamm manufacturer number 3B3P
Exide manufacturer number 6N6-3B-1

-totally leakage prevented and free of corrosive trouble
-safer for user, environment and motorbike
-easy to install like the original battery

Advantages of the battery:
- Longer life and significantly reduced self-discharge rate than conventional batteries
- Maintenance free
- More safety for health, the environment and your Quad, ATV, Motorcycle, Off Road, Scooter etc.
- Simple assembly instead of the original battery
- Battery is already dry charged, therefore quick easy installation
- Acid level control is usually not necessary because the self-discharge is less than standard batteries.
- The battery begins atstart by filling with acid with the self-discharge. Can therefore be stored indefinitely.
- Stable resistant battery case
- Permanent pressure sealed connection of the battery housing components as a fixed unit for maximum stability
- High degree of material resistance against oil and acid gases
- Protection against extreme weather conditions
- Snugly through the special active materials and bulk carrier grids resist vibration and ensures the long-term duration of use
- 2 years full German warranty

Technical specifications:
Voltage: 6v
Capacity: 6 Ah (10 hours)
Energy output: 36 Wh
Version: gel
Cold test current according to manufacturer: 50 A
Cold test current in (SAE) measured with JJM 609.00.66: 225 A
Cold test current in (DIN) measured with JJM 609.00.66: 205 A
Cold test current in (EN) measured with JJM 609.00.66: 125A
Length: 98 mm
Width: 56 mm
Height: 116 mm
Weight ready for operation: 1.35 kg
Acid pack incl.: No
Connection type: from the front
Positive pole: front right
Negative pole: front left
Gas discharge: without
Manufacturer: JMT

Compatible with following vehicles:

Honda CB 125 JSCB125JCB125J-1008876-1975- 1979114 PS, 10 kw
Honda CB 125 T TwinCB125TCB125T-2000775CB125T-20211081978- 1979217 PS, 13 kw
Honda CB 125 T2 TwinCB125TCB125T-3000002CB125 T-30003011979- 1986210 PS, 7,4 kw
Honda CB 125 T2 TwinCB125TCB125T-2201084CB125T-22105131979- 1986217 PS, 13 kw
Honda CB 125 T TwinACB125TCB125T-2300941CB125T-23150591980217 PS, 13 kw
Honda CB 125 T TwinBCB125TCB125T-3100001-1981- 1986210 PS, 7,4 kw
Honda CB 125 T TwinBCB125TCB125T-2400001CB125T-24999991981- 1986217 PS, 13 kw
Honda SL 125 SK0SL125SSL125S-1000001SL125S-10380681971112 PS, 9 kw
Honda SL 125 SK1SL125SSL125S-1114861SL125S-11591451972- 1976112 PS, 9 kw
Honda XL 250 K3L250L250-1001456L250-10063071976122 PS, 16 kw
Honda XL 250 K4L250L250-1100141L250-11025261977- 1978122 PS, 16 kw
Yamaha DT 125 LC10V10V10V-00010110V-1000001982- 1984116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 175 MX2K42K42K4-0001012K4-0100001978115 PS, 11 kw
Yamaha DT 175 MX2X22K42K4-0101012K4-0200001979115 PS, 11 kw
Yamaha DT 175 MX4J42K42K4-0201012K4-0600001980116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 175 MX4J42K42K4-0601012K4-0700001981- 1983116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 250 MX1R71R71R7-0001011R7-1000001977116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 250 MX1R71R71R7-1001011R7-1050001978116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 250 MX3A61R71R7-200101-1979- 1980116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 250 MX4E71R71R7-1401011R7-1500001981- 1982116 PS, 12 kw
Yamaha DT 400 MX1R61R61R6-0001011R6-1000001977121 PS, 15 kw
Yamaha DT 400 MX1R61R61R6-1001011R6-1050001978121 PS, 15 kw
Yamaha DT 400 MX3A71R61R6-2001011R6-3000001979121 PS, 15 kw
Yamaha XT 2503Y33Y33Y3-0001013Y3-0100001980122/17 PS, 16/13 kw
Yamaha XT 2504Y13Y33Y3-0201013Y3-0300001981122/17 PS, 16/13 kw
Yamaha XT 2504Y13Y33Y3-0301013Y3-0350001982117 PS, 13 kw
Yamaha XT 2504Y13Y33Y3-0501013Y3-1000001983- 1990117 PS, 13 kw
Yamaha XT 5001U61U61U6-0001011U6-1000001976- 1977127 PS, 20 kw
Yamaha XT 5001U61U61U6-1003011U6-1036401978127 PS, 20 kw
Yamaha XT 5001U61U61U6-1105011U6-1116761979127 PS, 20 kw
Yamaha XT 5004E51U61U6-1301011U6-1400001980127 PS, 20 kw
Yamaha XT 5004E51U61U6-1401011U6-1600001981- 1982127 PS, 20 kw
Yamaha XT 5004E51U61U6-1601011U6-2000001983- 1985127 PS, 20 kw

To consider when you make thebattery ready:
The batteries are supplied dry and fill in with the included battery acid activated.
No acid or other similar use to fill!
After remaining free up the battery with the supplied specially suitable battery acid (never use something else) to rest the battery.
After about 30 minutes (at best then when the battery no more bubbles forming) once fully charged.
Then just close the shutter bar.
Then do not open the battery anymore!
Check the acid level is usually not necessary because the self-discharge is less than standard batteries.
During prolonged periods of "non-use", such as when the winter is often the case, remove the battery and take of on-board voltage.
Then store in a cool dry place and regularly charge on battery charger.

The battery is an aggregation of multiple galvanic cells.
Each of the cells includes a plurality of lead grids.
These are alternated with lead oxide, this is the positive / positive pole of the battery, and very porous lead, which is the negative / minus pole coated.
The separator consists of a mirkoporsem insulating material. The separator prevents the plates touch un dso would cause a short circuit.
The battery is charged in a dry state.
If now the electrolyte, that dilute sulfuric acid is poured into the battery, the discharge starts.
During the discharging, electrons from the negative to the positive pole. Arise here about 2Volt per cell (1.75 to 2.4 V) power.
In series by connecting in series so for example of three cells you have a 6 volt battery, six cells by a 12 volt battery.
The series connection of the battery is totally defective should also be only one cell or be damaged!

Each battery has a certain amount of wear which can not be prevented.
For example, it is so that the lead plates corrode over time and lose material.
It may contain impurities and dirt deposits that can progress to a highly flammable explosive gas.
Over time, the sulfur material as sulfated batteries the electrolyte is combined with the lead plates and the crystals formed which inhibit the flow of electrons.
The batteries is added to a Antisulfat. This significantly slows these processes and thus has a much longer battery life!
The disadvantage of this is that in the dry state, the battery can not be charged greatly.
Therefore, for a long battery life needed after filling and the rest this necessarily fully charge!

Category: DT 175
Item number: 7070057-Yamaha
Displacement‍: 125 175 250 400 500
Brand‍: Yamaha
Type of vehicle‍: Motorcycle
Brand‍: Goetz-Motorsport Onlineshop Quad ATV
Model‍: MX DT XT LC


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