Injection module ECU CDI Malaguti Spidermax GT 500

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Injection module ECU CDI for Malaguti Spidermax GT 500

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Injection module power tuning ECU CDI for Malaguti Spidermax GT 500 - simplest most effective tuning!

The injection engine at the Malaguti Spidermax GT 500 runs very lean, and that's fine.

Except when you are a demanding driver and want the perfect performance in all speed ranges, or e.g. a tuning exhaust or similar have mounted!

The possibility to simply change the fuel / air ratio for these conditions so that you can easily adjust it on request and thus easily adjust up to the maximum power without the reliability underneath!

Would be perfect!
It would not be?

This ECU / CDI tuning control now makes exactly the same for your Malaguti Spidermax GT 500!

Simply without which the reliability will suffer!

You can adjust the fuel injection from -4% to + 10% in relation to the intake air.

The Turbojet Injection Module is one of the simplest currently available ways to vary fuel / air composition in injection systems.

Injection systems are complex electronic units and it has hitherto been difficult to make changes.
As a result, tuning measures such as sports exhaust systems, air filter changes or stroke extensions could not be compensated at the injection system and the perfect performance could never be achieved.

The turbojet module is simply plugged in and the fuel quantity is reduced or enriched with a rotary knob.
No intervention in the software or adjustments via diagnostic devices is necessary.
Easy plug & play, just plug in and ready!
The supplied connector is suitable for the corresponding vehicle models and without modifications to cables or similar appropriate.
If times the tuning measure had to be retrofitted the module can simply be decoupled again by plug and everything is as before.

All Turbojet IAT modules (intake air temperature) are connected to the intake air temperature sensor on the vehicle.
Disconnect plug on ignition OFF and connect to module.
The sensor is, so to speak, replaced by the module and remains without function in the vehicle.

All Turbojet Lambda modules are connected in the same way to the plug of the Lambda probe.

It is recommended to increase the setting from ZERO incrementally until the engine runs smoothly and has the best performance.
Standard motors without tuning measures find the best performance usually between levels 2 and 4. Light tuning stages with sports air filter and sports exhaust around level 6.
Vehicles that do not use a catalyst after conversions for maximum performance between 6 and 8.

Once you have plugged in the module, the 10 settings are available pre-programmed optimally!
The settings were developed and developed at the test bench and later tested during driving.
We even have a setting that means no change, that is, the original state.
So you always have the exact comparison to the original setting!

Our Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control is very easy to use.
The Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control itself is however highly complex in the development and execution!
The Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control has to do several things and measurement at the same time.
It measures the outside temperature at the sensor and detects the signal from the original temperature sensor for the original ECU (Electronic Injection Controller).
The Turbojet ECU / CDI Tuning Control then calculates the intake air temperature with the respective correction factor and forwards this signal to the ECU.

Depending on the setting, the ECU thus receives the information that the intake air is a little cooler than is actually the case.

The ECU will inject the injection of the fuel in the respective rotational speed range into the corresponding higher fuel quantity in relation to the sucked-in air through the optimized control.
You will notice a significantly improved response when accelerating and accelerating the engine!

The great thing is that when the oxygen sensor reports in the exhaust gas under constant load (constant speed), the Turbo Jet Controller outputs the signal to the ECU to control the air-fuel ratio as in the original state with reduced lean injection.
The Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control is therefore a very intelligent electronic device where also the fuel consumption is therefore not unnecessarily high!

But as soon as the Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control detects an increase in performance, it switches from closed-loop (oxygen sensor feedback) back to the changed control and re-opens the altered air-fuel ratio.

To install the Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control is very simple and fast!

By plugging into the original connectors of the temperature sensor and ECU cable, the installation is finished in a few minutes.
The connectors of the Turbojet Power Jet Controller are corresponding to your original plug.
You do not have to adjust or make any changes.
So quickly and quickly ready to drive installed!

Each Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control comes with the exact plug-in connections for your model.

By plugging into the original connectors of the temperature sensor and ECU cable, the installation is finished in a few minutes.

Each Turbojet ECU / CDI tuning control comes with the exact plug-in connections with connection plug and connection cable for Malaguti Spidermax GT 500.

This makes simple and fast assembly possible.

Specially for the following models:

Malaguti Spidermax GT 500 (04-06)

Category: Spidermax GT 500
Item number: TJ005-Spidermax
Displacement‍: 500
Brand‍: Malaguti
Type of vehicle‍: Scooter
Model‍: GT Spidermax
Tuning‍: More power, higher top speed


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