Battery Lithium Ion for KTM RC8 1190

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Battery Lithium Ion for KTM RC8 1190 Battery Race Lightweight High Power

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Battery Lithium Ion for KTM RC8 1190
99,95 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Battery Lithium-Ion for KTM RC8 1190

The most reliable, strongest and lightest batteries available!

The new lithium-ion batteries have the highest battery performance.
- Up to 65% lighter than "conventional" lead-acid batteries!
- By using lithium-ion batteries, up to 5kg of weight can be saved on the vehicle, depending on the battery, and with almost no effort.

- Starting current up to 30% stronger than lead-acid batteries.
- Significantly longer service life with over 2000 charging cycles. Lead-acid batteries only have approx. 150 to 300 charging cycles.
- 100% utilisation of the battery! (Lead-acid batteries have only approx. 30% utilisation).

Lithium-ion battery for KTM RC8 1190

Motorbike starter batteries with LED status indicator
Voltage : 12v
Capacity : 5.0 Ah (10 hrs)
Energy output : 60 Wh
Type : Lithium
Maintenance free
Cold test current according to manufacturer : 300 A
Cold test current in (SAE) measured with JJM 609.00.66 :   350 A
Cold test current in (DIN) measured with JJM 609.00.66 :   325 A
Cold test current in (EN) measured with JJM 609.00.66 :   195 A
Length : 150 mm
Width : 87 mm
Height : 93 mm
Weight ready for operation : 1,1 kg
Connection type : from the front from above
Positive pole : front left
Minus pole : front right

The most important changes and advantages of the new Lithium Ion battery:

- With LED display and battery tester! This shows you the actual charge status of the battery with LED display.
- Up to 65% lighter than the previous lead-acid batteries!
- Same size as a conventional battery, therefore easy to install instead of the old weak battery.
- No longer contains toxic acid and cannot leak.
- The starting current is up to 30% higher than with a conventional lead-acid battery. Therefore safe starting of the engine even at low outside temperatures. Engines that otherwise have poor starting behaviour are thus started more easily and effectively!
- Extremely fast charging with high current, rechargeable up to 90% within 6 minutes! (Conventional batteries often take up to a day to recharge).
- Lithium Ion batteries have over 2000 charge cycles according to the JISD standard, whereas lead-acid batteries have only 150 to 300 cycles.
- Lithium Ion batteries have longer and more consistent power output compared to a lead acid battery.
- Very safe, non-explosive and non-flammable.
- Perfect high performance, even at high temperatures (60-80°C).
- Low self-discharge (max 5% per month)
- no leakage possible, so can be installed in any position
- Environmentally friendly, as there are no acid or heavy metals such as lead, cadmium or mercury in the lithium ion battery.
- Extremely stable and resistant battery housing!
- Shock and vibration resistant, perfect for extreme off-road motorbikes, enduros, quads, ATVs, etc.
- In the event of a fall or tip-over, the lithium-ion battery will not leak and you can continue your journey without any problems.
- Lead-acid batteries have a very poor efficiency and can only use 30% of their capacity due to their specific characteristics, whereas lithium-ion batteries can use almost 100% of their capacity.
- More safety for health, environment and your quad, ATV, motorbike, enduro, scooter, etc.
- Maintenance free

Technical data of the new generation lithium ion batteries:

- 12 V maintenance-free lithium-ion battery
- Dimensions: 113x70x85 mm
- Recommended charging current 1 A
- maximum charging current for quick charging 10 A
- Weight 1.1 kg
- Ampere 1.58 Ah (10 hrs)
- Energy output 19Wh


Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste.
End users are legally obliged to return used batteries.
As a seller of vehicle batteries, we are legally obliged to do so in accordance with §10 BattG,
to charge a deposit for private customers for these vehicle batteries.
As a result, when purchasing a battery such as this item, the deposit item with the article number: B deposit must also be purchased from us in the online shop.
This serves as a digital deposit item (note: not a physical item).
In order for the battery deposit to be refunded by us, the following must be done:
1) Purchase of article no.: B deposit.
2) Correct disposal of the used battery, where you will either receive a receipt/disposal voucher
or you can have the disposal confirmed on our invoice.
Please send us the signed and stamped disposal receipt by email or post.
3) Once we have received your receipt, the deposit item purchased will be refunded via the same payment method,
through which the item was purchased.
If you paid by bank transfer, please send us your bank details for reimbursement.


Manufacturer: Skyrich
Category: 1190 RC8 R / Track
Size‍: YTZ14SYTZ12S
Displacement‍: 10001050109811001190119812001200125013001400170028053075080086590095095599012901130899907
Brand‍: GileraAdly
Type of vehicle‍: Motorcycle
Model‍: FreewingV7WCTXTrophyV-ROD VRSCR StreetKFXSTTornadoZR-7TMaxS XR (K49) AbsTuono RPeopleGPZDL-V STROMQuad RaiderElefantX-TownQL SteezerKEFSMSCarnabyShiverLT-A K2-K4 Eiger 2WDV-ROD VRSCSE2 Screamin EagleDSQuad Lander - QuadlanderRSVNSAVMXS RR (K46) AbsLT-A F Kingquad ASISuper DukeIntruderXJMyRoadGSF Bandit NZX 7R NinjaCBR1100XX Super BlackbirdLTASMAmericaZX-9RVLZ IntruderVFR Crosstourer X 1200 AbsKVF - PrairieKAtlanticXQNSSER 6FVTR F Fire StormAdventureCMXVERSYSXcitingXBGD RV85DinkKLFNevadaBonnevilleOtelloF 750 GS AbsVFR FXRVSArrecifeXJRCitycomRiverPC Pacific CoastXPGTVFR 1250 GS / AdventureSCRTiger XCV9DVXTETTSpeedmasterSpeed FourF 850NT V DeauvilleAfrica TwinVNRamblaX-ADVVolusiaRC8VT Black WidowXVGVSuper Enduro R 950JoymaxThunderaceSprint STMaxsymMXUScramblerFESThruxtonNTVR 1200NC SCanyonZX-12R 1200 NinjaMadisonX7Gran CanyonRC8 R TrackVT C2ETGLGrand DinkCN HelixTRESN B-BoneStreet ScramblerKXRLTFPegasoSVDorsoduroR 1250NC XGSX-RVLMP3X10XEvoFZR GenesisVT Shadow ACE-Aero C2-C3SupermotoGSXCatSatelisF6C ValkyrieDaystar VL FRDRTDMERSportcity CubeF 900 R (K83) AbsRST FuturaXTTLGTSTigerDR 800 BIGShiver 900 AbsXB9SGTRDaytonaSHFJFZ1S3 FIYFZSRSRVZZRXB12R 1200 FireboltF 900 XR (K84) AbsRSV MilleXLSpeed TripleGTVSQTNTBurgman ANXB9SXZRXVTBeverlyS1CB Super FourV-ROD VRSCATRXCScarabeoR 1200 GS / AdventureSuper AdventureF GSRSV RThundercatANSonarCapo NordER-6NST Pan EuropeanXB12XYFMVTRROADWINKLV 1000FJSV-ROD VRSCD NightCRFKLEAgilityZRVZK S Motor SportSL FalcoSXSBurgmanLXLXVManaTRX EX FourtraxDamien


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